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Sophos Central Email - Azure Sync not syncing mail enabled Public Folders?

We have Azure AD Sync with Office365 Hybrid Setup.

All mail enabled objects are moved into O365 cloud.

User Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes and Distribution Groups are synced fine into Sophos Central via Azure Ad Sync.

Only Mail enabled Public Folders are missing. Is there something more to do or do we really have to import all email alias manually via CSV?

I had Sophos AD Sync before and onPremises PublicFolders where synced.

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  • Hello Ian,

    importing Office 365 Mail enabled public folders should be no big problem, they just have to modify their Azure AD Sync Tool to read one more element type.

    Via Azure AD they have full read access to Azure and they already read User Mailboxes and mail enabled Security Groups (which are NOT Mailbox objects) from o365. Why should this not be possible for mail enabled public folders?

    For your not editable folders did you remove old AD Sync and removed all old imported AD Data?

  • The existing ones I have can't be edited, deleted, renamed or anything. They are stuck fast and leftovers from the previous local AD sync we did. However they still work so I only needed to add any additional ones which were missing.

    I actually added 1 public folder in central, zzz_additions@ and just keep adding aliases to it.

    I went through a process with Sophos and they showed me their method of detecting mailboxes and it didn't see any public folders, if they tool didn't pick it up it wouldn't sync - though it apparently does. With that in mind I am wondering if it was anything to do with the hybrid AD sync prior or migration method used to create the public folders to begin with which it cannot detect.

    I might try and make a new public folder, separate to my existing one and see what happens there.

    At the end of the day if sophos could tell me what they look for I can see if I can adjust my 365 tenant to suit. I don't use hybrid anymore so I have free reign to do what I want to the public folders to fix them.