Sophos 365 Mail Trial

We have a quote for the Sophos Email 365 but would like to try the free trial first just to get my hands on it.  I understand the trial version is fully licensed with all features and I can choose mailboxes to setup instead of the whole domain.  That said, how does one test one or two mailboxes and still have mail pointing to its current MX records and at Sophos at the same time?

Any help would be wonderful.



  • That is kinda not easily possible. You have to setup everything in place but commonly speaking every MTA (Email Server) will try to reach your MX to give you the Email. You can send a Email to Central itself via Mail Tools, if you want, but this would be not a good test. 

    You cannot change the MX for some Email Users, as the MX is bound to the entire domain.

    Customers likely test the product within a sub domain and migrate a to Central to test it with this domain. 


  • Sorta what I thought too, but thanks for the sub domain idea.