Client IP Blacklisted

Hi, I've a problem with your antispam system.

When I try to send a mail to the domain "" it says that my ip is blacklisted, so I check on your site: and it says my IP is ok.

Next I check my IP on mxtoolbox and it's ok again!

How can I remove this block?

Thank you


  • Hi Matteo, Thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    If you're IP  isn’t showing blacklisted, It could be possible that the recipient domain behind Sophos Central email gateway "" didn't allow mails from your domain to be accepted or any configured security policy is not allowing these emails to be delivered. (just an assumption).

    If you have any other means of communications with "" domain owners, Get it checked by them once.

    Feel free to share your domain and IP-related details with me in PM, so that I try and check with possible options 

    Devesh Mishra
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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