Optimize AWS and Azure Spend with Cloud Optix

The latest release for Cloud Optix, cost optimization now allows customers to efficiently monitor Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud costs in a single console. Providing organizations with the ability to manage security, compliance, and spend monitoring in one complete package with Cloud Optix Cloud Security Posture Management Solution.

Available to New and Existing Customers Now

Available now for new and existing customers, and included in the single Cloud Optix subscription, cost optimization will help organizations:

  • Optimize AWS and Azure infrastructure costs in a single console.
  • View comprehensive daily and monthly costs along with intuitive filters to provide analysis of individual cloud environments, services and regions with ease.
  • Track spend for multiple services side-by-side on a single screen to improve visibility and reduce wasted spend.
  • Identify unusual activity indicative of abuse, highlighting top services contributing to spend with customizable alerts.
  • Receive detailed independent Sophos recommendations to optimize AWS costs, and integrate with both the AWS Trusted Advisor and Azure Advisor services within the Cloud Optix console.
  • Compare monthly analysis of granular changes to service spend with clear executive summaries.


To get started, watch the short 2 minute video below, and visit the Cloud Optix online help for more information: https://docs.sophos.com/pcg/optix/help/en-us/pcg/optix/concepts/SpendMonitor.html

For more information about Sophos Cloud Security Posture Management solution and to start a free trial, visit Cloud Optix at https://www.sophos.com/cloud-optix