Custom Dashboard & Widget FAQ

Feature Enablement and Access

Q: Will all Central users get access to the new Custom Dashboard feature?

A: Accounts that hold active (non-expired) paid or trial licenses that contain one or more of the products or services listed below will be enabled for access between April 4 and April 18, 2024.

  • Endpoint
  • Server
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Q: How do I know if my account has been enabled?

A: Once your account has been enabled the Dashboard dropdown menu will have a Beta label, and you will see Manage Dashboards as a menu item. You will also have a guided workflow available to walk you through the basics of creating and managing your new dashboards.

Q: The initial enablement period is over but, my account does not have the Beta label or Manage Dashboard feature.

  • Ensure you have active licenses for one or more of the following products: Endpoint, Server, XDR, and/or MDR.
    • The feature is available only to product licenses that can benefit from its use. When additional product widgets or dashboards are available in the future, the corresponding licenses will be enabled at that time.

Q: When is General Availability?

A: Our Public Beta is expected to run for approximately 6 weeks. General Availability will be determined based on the feedback received during the beta process but is anticipated for early summer.

Manage Dashboard functionality and list view

Q: Can other users in my organization access the dashboards I create?

A: Not currently. The initial implementation is specific to the user creating the dashboard. Allowing or sharing access with other users in your organization is being considered for the future.

Q: Why do I see only Central Overview in my Manage Dashboard list?

A: This is intentional. The custom dashboard implementation focuses on dashboards containing widgets built with the latest technology. Pre-existing Sophos product dashboards and Account health check dashboards are not being retrofitted for the initial release. Sophos product teams will build new dashboards over time to replace the existing implementations. The legacy Central dashboard is only listed to allow you the ability to change from that default to something new you have created, or a new dashboard Sophos has published.

Q: What custom dashboard functions are available for Central Overview?

A: The legacy Central Overview dashboard intentionally has limited functionality. It cannot be edited, cloned, or removed. Once you have created a new custom dashboard it can be set as your default Central landing page if you like.

Q: How do I sort or filter my Manage Dashboards list?

A:  Manage dashboard list filtering and search capabilities are being considered for inclusion in future releases.

Q: What is a Sophos pre-defined dashboard?

A: A Sophos pre-defined dashboard is a collection of related widgets published as a dashboard by our product teams. These are available based on active licenses (same as widgets) and can be added to the Manage Dashboards list. Pre-defined dashboards cannot be edited but, they can be set as the default dashboard and cloned to use a template for a new dashboard.

Q: What Sophos pre-defined dashboards are available for Beta and where are they located?

A: Find Dashboard has a tab within Manage Dashboards. If your account has an active XDR or MDR license, you will find a beta version of the Threat Analysis Center dashboard there. While the layout and widgets may feel the same as what you see in the Threat Analysis Center drop-down, adding the Beta version to your manage dashboard list gives you the added flexibility of using a global time range selector for the widgets, cloning to use as a base template for new custom dashboard or even setting it as your default landing Central landing page for quick access.

Widgets and Widget Gallery

Q: What widgets are available?

A: See the Widget Availability list in Recommended Reads for status, and future updates.

Q: Why don’t I see all the widgets listed in the Widget Availability list available in my widget gallery?

A: Widgets displayed within the gallery are dependent on your account's active licenses, as well as your Central user permissions. As an example, if you do not hold an active XDR or MDR license you will not see related widgets.

Q: What is the blue dot indicator on some of the widgets in the gallery?

A: The blue dot indicates that the widget was released within the last 21 days. It serves as a visual indicator so you can easily catch the latest and greatest!

Q: Can I add the same widget to the same dashboard multiple times and why?

A: Yes! As you add widgets to a dashboard you will notice a counter on that specific widget within the gallery. This indicates how many times that widget is present within that dashboard. Adding the same widget to a dashboard multiple times is most useful in combination with widget filters. Once you have published your dashboard you can adjust the filters on each of the widgets for a personalized view.

Q: Will there be additional widgets?

A: Yes! Sophos product teams will continue to develop and release new widgets over the lifecycle of the feature. Several new widgets are expected at general availability, and additional widgets will continue to be added in the future. Look for additional details in the future as new widgets are released!

Beta enablement period is extended to April 18th.
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