Sophos Central Linux Endpoint: Automate Sophos Agent deployment to Linux Servers using ANSIBLE

Disclaimer: This information is provided as-is for the benefit of the Community. Please contact Sophos Professional Services if you require assistance with your specific environment.

This article provides a high-level overview on how to deploy Sophos MTR on Linux devices using Ansible. It also includes an example YML playbook to install Sophos. 
The steps below are provided with the assumption that following infrastructure is present on the environment. 

  • Ansible master server 
  • Hosts configured to work with Ansible master server 

Applies to the following Sophos product(s) and version(s) 

  • Central Linux (MTR) Endpoint 
  • Central Linux (Legacy) Endpoint 

What to do 

Central Linux (MTR) Endpoint deployment using Ansible Playbook: 
1) create a YML file named Sophos_Install.yml with following content in Master Node: 
- hosts: Cent_Hosts 
    - sophos_tmp_dir: /tmp/Sophos_Installer 
    - sophos_agent_download_url:$ 
    - downloaded_file_name: 
    - name: SOPHOS | Create Temporary Work Directory 
        path: "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}" 
        state: directory 
    - name: SOPHOS | Download Sophos Executable 
           url: "{{ sophos_agent_download_url }}" 
           dest: "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}/{{ downloaded_file_name }}" 
    - name: "SOPHOS | Making {{ downloaded_file_name }} executable" 
          path: "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}/{{ downloaded_file_name }}" 
          mode: +x 
     - name: Installing Sophos 
       become: true 
        command: sh "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}/{{ downloaded_file_name }}" 
     - name: SOPHOS | Delete sophos temp folder 
         path: "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}/" 
         state: absent 

2) Please refer to following screenshot for indentation: 

3) Deploy using the following command and provide the configured password

root@Sophos:~/Playbooks# ansible-playbook Sophos_Install.yml -kK 
A successful deployment should look like below: 

To move the Linux servers to specific group in mass modify the command line to: 
command: sh "{{ sophos_tmp_dir }}/{{ downloaded_file_name }}"  --group=DB_Servers 
Please change the group name as per the group name available in central. 


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