Scanning PC(Servers) on Sophos Central

Is it possible to scan all computers and servers through the central administration software, or should a new policy be created for scanning depending on how I want to schedule time. In the old system, which was the sophos enterprise console, there was the possibility of scanning, only the computers or servers were selected and with the right mouse button, all the selected devices were released for scanning.


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  • Hello Enes,

    Thank you for reaching out to the community.

    Related to this query, There's no option on Sophos Central where you can scan all endpoints and servers in one go. 

    An on-demand Scan feature to scan all managed endpoints and servers may lead to future issues that may hamper your production, especially when someone accidentally ticks the scan bottom wheel during production hours which will trigger performance issues in your production devices. 

    An alternative would be to configure a scheduled scan in your Threat Protection Policy, so all devices will begin scanning at the same time. 

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