Is Sophos Central free?? Locked out do to authentication issue after activating Sophos Central Trial account.

With the AP access points going EOL next year, users are saying that they will only be managed through Sophos Central if using the XG firewall. People here say it's free, but customer support wants me to "chat" with them over price, I'm a home user so I don't want to be haggled by a salesman. So I'm a bit confused. Even I can't get an answer by searching around the internet.

What is the purpose of this obscurity?

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  • Well, after creating an entirely new account from scratch, I am attempting to create a Sophos central wireless trial, but I am getting the email again which states 

    then when I sign into sophos central, it redirects me to the Sophos ID login screen where I am getting an authentication error once again.

    I created a second brand new account from scratch after going to Sophos Central Wireless Trial. After creating the Sophos Central account and going to Sophos Central I am once again redirected back to the Sophos ID login where I receive the same 

    "Authentication failed. Please check your credentials and try again."

    So I have concluded that this couldn't possible be anything I'm doing wrong since after two attempts I am "locked" out of my account. Steps I took to reproduce the error:

    1. Create a brand new email address with Yahoo

    2. Go to

    3. Click on Free Trial.

    4. Use a brand new email address from step 1.

    5. Receive email saying:

    Your Sophos Central trial is almost ready
    Just create your password, choose a few settings, and start protecting your company."

    6. Create password, receive email with the verification code

    7. Go to Sophos Central, loads dashboard, then a few seconds later is redirected to the Sophos ID login screen where I receive the "authentication failure"

    8. Click "forgot password"

    9. Check email, recive e-mail verification code.

    10 Go back to Sophos ID, insert verification code, create new password.

    11. Receive constant error and password cannot be reset.

    Reset Your Password

    Authentication failed. Please check your credentials and try again.
    • We've verified your email address. You can now create a new password.
  • Just to be sure, in the new account: Did you receive an email, which asked you to create an password and choose a datacenter? 


  • No, these are the only emails I receive before I get locked out.

    I did some searching around and some people are saying that Sophos does not send MFA codes to yahoo addresses since they end up in the spam folder. Maybe I'm not doing things in the correct order? Did I need to have a Sophos Home account? I don't want Sophos antivirus since Windows defender is built in so I assume I don't need it. There also seemed to be issues with creating the account in Chrome because when I click the link to reset my password it opens a new window with a blank page.

    Only when I use Firefox or Edge do I receive the "password reset" link which doesn't work either. Should Sophos Central work even for home users? I am required to give a business name and address when selecting the business edition of Sophos account, but am still required to provide a business name even when selecting home user.

    I really am just about to give up and not even bother with Sophos Central wireless.

  • As long as no data center was selected, your account was not created. 

    Again: You use everything with SophosID. This ID is being used for everything except: myUTM and Sophos Home. Those tools uses an own authentication service.

    So you can use one Email and one PW for all other services like Partner Portal, Partner Dashboard, Central, Community, MySophos. 

    Somehow i cannot follow up, why your central account is being created. I tried it and it is perfectly working. 

    This is after your link: 


  • No, I'm not getting that screen at all. Then I should be able to use my email and password that I am using for the community for Sophos Central, but like the issue was, I could not activate the sophos central wireless trial because I was told I already had a Sophos central account. That's where the problem began. Why I had to create an entirely new account just to sign up for the Trial is absurd. If Sophos Central AND Sophos Central Wireless is "free" then have to to jump through all these hoops?

    And again, the problems began when my password could not be authenticated and I did not have my PIN, and customer service did not even know how to resolve the issue. I will try again with only my original Sophos ID but this runaround is ridiculous.

  • You should try to contact customer care to get your old account revived. Again: This is not a normal issue. The problem starts with your old account. It is a data mess in the end. 

    Or you simply choose an completely new Email. Use some email service, which supports the (+) and the email will end up in the same email account. supports this for example. So you can create and it will end up in your email account. But for all services, it is a fresh email. 


  • So what was happening was I was entering the PIN number correctly but a Google Chrome extension was stopping the Sophos Central from loading and I was being redirected back to the Sophos ID login screen. After trying to log in using Firefox that's when I realized the PIN was correct and it then worked in Chrome after I disabled the adguard extension.

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