How to install on Linux? I'm left in the dark.

It seems that with Windows all you have to do is download the program and run the installer.  Here on Linux, I assume you have to use the command line or something.  I've looked at a few PDF files on the site, but i'm not firmilar with this software much.   I'm new to Linux and just trying to settle in.  It says to download the CID, and install over the server, but I don't know where the CID download is.  I managed to download the Anti Virus and dragged the install SH file to the command line, but I get a message that says 

tar: /home/darkone/Downloads/sav.tar: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
/home/darkone/Downloads/ 45: sophos-av/ not found

This is where i'm stuck.  It seems to be the only way I know how to install it.  Any advice?

  • Hi Alex,

    CID? are you trying to install sophos central or sophos on-prem on your linux machine? as CID is for onprem

    Your question was posted in sophos central category, so I'll assume you're using sophos central.

    Download and run the Linux Server installer

    To download and run the installer do as follows:

    1. Login to your sophos central account. Go to Overview > Protect Devices.
    2. Click Download Linux Server Installer.

      Alternatively, to download the installer from a command line or script, do as follows:

      1. Right-click the installer link and copy the link address.
      2. On the Linux server, at a command prompt or in a script, use wget with the link address:

        wget Linux installer link

      3. Move the installer to the Downloads directory.
    3. Run the installer as follows:
      1. Change to the Downloads directory.
      2. Change the file permissions to include “execute”:

        chmod +x

      3. Run the installer:


        If you are not signed in as root, run the installer with the sudo command:

        sudo ./

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    Fernan Tutor