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Tracking emails after they have entered the email qurantine

Looking to see if anyone else has encountered this issue before as well, the tl;dnr version is that puremessage doesn't seem to track what happens to an email once it's entered the quarantine, regardless if it's been deleted/released/vanished. has anyone else been able to successfully track an email and show the actions that have been performed on a quarantined email? 


long version: 

was looking to track down a message inside of exchange that seems to have vanished, we were able to establish the message id and track it using the exchange tracking tools, however we can see that it was caught by puremessage as spam and then it disappears. from what we can tell there is no logging on what actions are performed on messages in there. once an email gets released there is a trigger event put into the logs and then the email is released back to the transport service with a new message id. Has anyone else found a way to do logging? 

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