PureMessenger Quarantine

I would like to display the person the email is from rather than the Sender Envelope, our Sender Envelopes are - because of the way we have emails sent to us - are pretty much useless to our staff.


  • I agree with you, I work in the service of writing an essay, I am a writer. And every day I receive a lot of letters in the mail. Difficult to deal with such an interface.

  • I totally endorse your statement, I also work in an essay writing service, I am a writer for around 4 years and this had been the most difficult interface to find the emails.

  • One thing you could do..


    check with your account manager about your licence.. If it includes the virtual email appliance you could modify your environment a little..  

    in short you would reinstall puremessage on the exchange server using the antivirus only version.

    then deploy the email appliance upstream and configure it to deliverer to exchange.


    this would allow you to use the email appliance to filter/quarantine emails ... but more importantly give your users a much nicer web interface to manage quarantine.. (not to mention the SEA is a full featured email appliance) 


    having both gives you the power of an email appliance and maintains store scanning after the fact.. 


    I would download the demo and try it out at the very least.. may be something to consider.  

    requires ESXI


  • We tried PureMessenger and couldn't get the web interface to work on the 2016 server.

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