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Loss & Theft was set up correctly - how do I send remote command text to the device from a registered android phone to test if it is working.

  • Hi,

    To locate a lost or stolen device, you have to send a specific text message from one of the numbers you entered in the Phone numbers view in the Loss & Theft configuration to the device to be located.

    1. Prepare a text message from one of the numbers you specified in the Loss & Theft configuration.

    The text message to locate a device is: 

    locate <Text message password>

    For example: locate MyDevice996

    <Text message password> is the password you defined in the Text message password view of the Loss & Theft configuration

    2. Send the text message to the device to be located.

    3. You receive a text message containing the location of your device.

    Click the link in the text message to display the location of the device in Google Maps. 

    Please refer to the article Sophos Mobile Security Help. Let me know if this helps resolve your query.

  • In reply to Haridoss Sreenivasan:

    I entered my husband's phone number as the number allowed to give Sophos the command to erase everything on my phone, to lock it up or to tell us the current location of the phone. Since I did that, my husband would get 2 text messages every day - one with the approximate location and one with the exact location of my phone. It's very annoying. I thought Sophos would tell my husband's phone number where my phone was located, only if I had sent the text command first telling Sophos that my phone was lost or stolen.

     How do I keep this feature activated but not irritate my husband by sending him 2 GPS coordinates every single day?

     Thank you for your time.