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Issue with delivery of emails to Gmail addresses

Hi, I'm currently trialling Phish Threat - it looks useful, but none of the emails seem to be getting through to our company email addresses which are on Google's G Suite.

I've tried the "Send test email" button, but the email never arrives - it doesn't go into spam either. I've tried a couple of personal email addresses: it also fails to get through to a personal gmail one, but arrives straight away with my icloud one.

The Manage Domain control panel on G Suite has a place to whitelist ip addresses, which I've done, and have also added the domain names to the approved senders list, but no effect.

Has anyone managed to get these working on Gmail?

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  • Hi David,

    I have replicated the problem so it looks like Google has some rather overzealous filters that are stopping these simulation emails. I will try playing around with the email settings on my Gmail account a bit more then let our Development team know about this so they can check the email logging this side. I'd say the emails are being sent as you can get them through to your iCloud email account but not the Gmail one. I'll update this ticket when I have more information. Thanks for the posting!



  • Hi Byron, thanks for your assistance with this.

    I've got the messages to get through now - there were a couple of steps required with GSuite in the domain admin panel (Manage Domain > Apps > Gmail > User Settings)

    Rather than putting the two Sophos server IPs into Email Whitelist, they instead need to go into "Inbound gateway"

    Additionally, I had to turn off the option for "Enhanced pre-delivery message scanning (enables improved detection of suspcious content prior to delivery)"

    I figured that it's safer to have this option on most of the time to help filter out real phishing attacks, so what I thought is just turn the option off when I'm going to start one of these campaigns, then reactivate it once the campaign has ended.

  • Hi David, 

    Thanks for the reply, this is helpful for the community. Strange why the white-listing didn't seem to solve the issue but this seems like a sensible approach.