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Attachment Campaign Bug


Scheduled an attachment campaign beginning at 10am this morning, sending 2 emails per hour to a total of 17 users.

After reaching 10 of 17 emails, 3 users had opened the email and 2 of those had opened the attachment. This reported as expected on the Sophos Dashboard.

About 10 mins after, multiple users reported getting the training enrolement email. After checking the dashboard, it showed that 10 out of 10 users had opened the attachment. After checking with a few of these 'caught' users, none of them had opened the attachment. In fact, one of those had not even opened the email, didn't even click it. Just an instant delete.

Is it normal for the reporting to 'glitch' like this? 100% of users getting caught when this is not the case.


The next two emails that went out, the training enrolement email came two minutes BEFORE the spam email. Something definitely not right with this campaign so ended it early. Doesn't fill me with confidence for the next one though.

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  • Nick,

    Can you describe the environment? Is this Microsoft 365 or other email environment? I would suggest when things like this happen to open a support case to have engineers look at it. We have seem Microsoft Safe Links and Safe Attachments do some strange things with attachments.