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How will the TXT DNS entry for domain verification impact the domain as a whole?

We are a reseller of email services, and we bundle the Phish Threat service with an encrypted email service provided by a 3rd party vendor.  That vendor also, of course, provides services for other resellers, and all resellers can provide email addresses to the end users that end in the same domain for situations where the end users do not wish to use their own domain. 

The vendor has indicated that none of their other resellers are using Phish Threat services to the email accounts provided by the vendor, so they are willing to add the TXT record into their DNS as needed to verify their domain against my Sophos account.  However, they are wanting some kind of documentation that adding the TXT record I provide from my Sophos account will not cause any impact to the email accounts provided to the users of their other resellers or to their domain as a whole.

Does such documentation exist?  If you do not have documentation that specifically addresses the vendor's concern, if you could at least explain how Sophos uses that TXT record after it has been verified, I believe it would be helpful in providing the reassurance to my vendor that their services will not be impacted by my request.

 Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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