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Domain verification for Phish Threat?


we currently using only Phish Threat from Sophos. Today I was not able to create a new campaign. It says "To protect you and your users better, Sophos Phish Threat needs to verify that you own the domains that you are using. To prevent any potential interruptions in your service, please verify your user domains." And further "You must verify your domains before you can use them for federated sign-in." But we dont use federated sign-in, just Phish Threat, is it still necessary?

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  • Apologies for the confusion. You will need to verify the domains, you are correct. This change was made very recently, you can find further information on this in the following post. 
    - Sophos PhishThreat Domain Verification

    My previous reply was meant to clarify that this page is used for both Federated Sign-in, as well as domain verification for Phish Threat. If you're only using Phish Threat, you can safely ignore the statement regarding Federated Sign-in and proceed normally with the steps to verify the domain. You do not need to configure Federated Sign-in to use Phish Threat.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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