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A new campaign won't save, especially when using some custom parts

I'm trying to create a new campaign and wanted to save it so I could finish it at a later time. However, when I press save, a loading circle appears but doesn't go away. When I refresh the page with F5, I can edit the campaign but when pressing the save button, the loading circle appears and the same thing happens.

The only way to get out of it is to manually open the Campaign section, but that means the campaign is gone.

A few weeks back, I had the same problem with another account, also with a few custom parts in the campaign. Eventually, I decided to don't add anything custom so we could continue the campaign.

I've already tried it with a different browser and on another pc (with a totally different ISP, etc.) so it looks like something more serious.

Has anyone else the same problem and maybe a possible solution, besides not adding anything custom to the campaign?

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  • It appears to be working again with the new option "Save as draft" as you've mentioned in the topic of Jeff Haussler. It saves the campaign within one second and parts I've edited are still there.

    I've created a ticket with Sophos Support but only got the reply to create a HAR file but nothing about a possibly bigger problem. I've replied that we probably can close the ticket since it appears to be working again.

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