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Mail sent but not showing as open

So I started a Phish Campaign, I sent out 5 different attachment mock ups to 12 random users to test things before sending a larger one.  


I have two questions,

I set the campaign to 20% every 12 hours.  It is coming up on 24 hours but only 3 emails have gone out, these 3 went out intermediately which started at 5 PM yesterday.  So given it is set to 12 hours I would have expected another 3 to go out at 5 AM today?


My second question, I let half of the 12 users know what I was doing.  These are people who have helped me test in the past.  One user showed me the email yesterday, they opened it in front of me using Outlook and Office 365.  Yet in the system it shows that the email was sent and not open.  I have followed the appropriate white listing to ensure the emails get through but am I missing something to get the opened aspect to work?

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  • Hi Badrobot,

    The additional 3 emails should have gone out.  You can raise a support ticket to trace these emails if they still aren't sending.

    For your second question, let's break down how Phish Threat actually tracks when emails have been opened.  Every phishing email contains a transparent 1 pixel image.  When this image is downloaded, it is then tracked and the email marked as opened.  If you have auto-download of images disabled this may cause tracking of emails to fail.  If you want to test this behavior, open up one of the campaign emails in plain-text and you should see the following:

    {\*\htmltag0 }{\*\htmltag64}\htmlrtf {\htmlrtf0 {\*\htmltag84 <img alt="" src="" style='display: none; width: 1px; height: 1px;'>}\htmlrtf {\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK '"}}{\fldrslt\cf1\ul }}\htmlrtf0
    {\*\htmltag4 \par }{\*\htmltag72}\htmlrtf\par}\htmlrtf0

     If this user has not yet opened the email according to Phish Threat, try copying the link and pasting it in a web browser.  Phish Threat should track that as an email opened as the link is custom to the user and campaign.

  • I see, that explains why it is not tracking.  We do not have auto download of images enabled on external email.