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Adding and managing users for Phish Threat

Currently trialling Phish Threat and so far it ticks alot of boxes for us. However there are a few things I can't work out including how to best manager users. 

We have about 400 staff, half of which are already on in the Sophos user database because they use Sophos Endpoint. I don't want to use the sync tool forAD (on-prem) to import users and apprently I can't use the Azure AD sync tool becasue we aren't a Sophos Email customers, and that tool is only available to them. My alternative is to import all 400 users in (including those that are already in there) using the CSV file and add keep them logically separated from the Endpoint users adding them to a Group. However, we have a realtively high staff turn over so rather than having to constantly add/remove people manually, I want to delete them ALL every month and re-import them, so the group is alway up to date.

- Is this approach going to work or is there a better way?

- Can I get the Azure AD sync tool even though I don't use Sophos email?

- How can I easily delete the members of a Group?

- Will the Sophos Endpoint licesnes go back to zero when I delete the users every month so that I can re-import, or will does it apply licenses cumulatively?


Grateful for thoughts or advice.

Kind regards



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  • Currently, you can only Import Users via AD Sync, CSV Import or manual approach.

    AD Sync would need some kind of "hardware" to connect to (or Azure AD server). 

    We are working on a way to import those users via Azure AD Sync, currently this option is only for Central Email. 


    Phish Threat should be bought in the same volume like your Company has. 


  • Thank you. It sounds like we will need the Azure AD sync tool when it is widely availble. Getting our 400 users in there initially using the CSV file is easy enough but then managing that as people join and leave is going to be very tricky without an easy way to delete them all and start again.

    Thanks you for your time.


  • HI, 


    We have more and more customers moving away from onsite servers / old AD to AzureAD, others out there have Azure Sync and really need to have this feature to be able to offer this product to our customer base.




  • Hi Leon,

    Azure AD Sync in Sophos Central should work for Phish Threat now as long as the users have an email address tied to them in AD.