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Phish Threat Training Suggestion To Help IT with End Users

I was responding to another post and had this thought, I wanted to see what others think of it, the goal is to better incorporate the training before the test.

 Currently sending an email for training in something you failed at in an email creates to much tension, end users can simply tell their boss they thought it was another test so they ignored the email.  Bosses just don't want the breach so they encourage the training but also understand the end users point since they are just being extra cautious which only enforces the bosses concern of not wanting a breach.  In the end it creates a back and forth tension between staff and IT who really should be working together to prevent a breach in a more positive way, after all learning is fun right!

However given the way SOPHOS currently works with End Point couldn't this also be tied into the Sophos app running in the task bar on the computer or at least an interface part that would open a web browser and direct the user to the training. 

You could have the normal status and events section but also a training section.  The training section could display all available training IT wants out there not just the required ones for those who fail a phishing test I mean what if users wanted take to training to be proactive.  The current training options are short enough for most to complete in that last five minutes of the day, plus the option to take them on their own time instead of IT's time might make it more easy of a pill for them to swallow. 

This also creates a chance to take the training before opening the email or before the test even begins, which would also test the training itself would it not?????

Users could enter their email to keep track of who has taken what but also this could give them a score in terms of points on how much training they have taken and create a little competition in the office, a quick email sent to them after each test showing their new score.  Basically take the training and put a positive spin on it by getting the staff more involved in a voluntary basis and have the chance to know what to look for before we try to trick them, this might alleviate a lot of the tension between Phish Threat and office staff and dollar for dollar may get more use for a company. 

Just a thought...................

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