Additional Sophos Enterprise Console for Isolated Network

Dear Community,

We have a working Sophos Enterprise Console what we are using for all our clients.

We have a new isolated network in production where we would like to install a secondary Sophos Enterprise Console to a bridge PC, this Bridge PC has two network adapter, one for the isolated the other one can reach the main Sophos Enterprise Console, here to this I installed SEC already as the official Sophos Guide told me, without database and management server, only the Sophos Enterprise Console.

I have a new Client what is isolated and can only reach this Bridge-PC, but when I install Antivirus and fill out username and password and for the Group I fill out the Bridge-PC's IP Address It will never show up in the Sophos Enterprise Console.

This is how it should work.

So how does the installed client knows where to connect to get the policies?
If I know the answer I can solve the issue.

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