Sophos Secondary Update Manager

Hello Dear Community,

We have an isolated network where we wanted to create a secondary Sophos Enterprise Console and a secondary Sophos Update Manager.

The Sophos Enterprise Console went sucessfull, user permissions was set, firewall rules was set and with the right user I can easily run the software and every policy and client synced from the main server.

After this I wanted a secondary Update manager so the secondary server can download the updates from the main server and update the clients in the isolated network.

I installed the SUMInstaller from the shared folder of the main server and filled out everything correctly, still the Update manager does not appear in the Update Managers of Sophos Enterprise Console.

Only the main server listed here, but not the secondary called, SMD02-S01.

In the official guide how to install secondary update server does not say anything about this, Just install from the right source and it should appear.

There is any idea how should continue this? I checked all logs with logviewer and also in %programdata%, but does not see any problem inside.

Thank you,

Best regards,