Help getting Enterprise Console 5.5.2 data into SIEM

We recently deployed a SIEM solution and I'm having issues getting our Sophos data to import into the SIEM service. 

I have added the SIEM's network login account as a member of the Sophos DB Admins group on the Sophos server in an attempt to give it direct access to the database without any luck.  Sophos's documentation states I need to use Reporting Interface and/or Log Writer, but I cannot find an actual how-to on downloading, installing, or setting up either of those services.

I can only find this link for Reporting Interface (, but neither document tells HOW to set it up.  I tried to follow the Log Writer help document (, but it appears to be outdated or not relevant to me because I cannot find the "Console downloads" section it refers to.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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