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Removing a Sophos Update Manager


Is there any SOPHOS documentation on Best Practice for removing SUM servers from the environment.



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  • Hello Victor,

    no derision intended - what's the challenge?
    The updating policies of those endpoints that update from a SUM about to be removed must be amended to point to an available update location or an appropriate policy assigned. If the SUM acts also as message relay the must be redirected to another relay or the SEC server.


  • Hi Christian, 

    We are moving to Sophos Central and want to decommission all SUM servers. There are very few endpoints left pointing to these SUM servers so I can re-point these to the main SEC server.

    How do I know if SUM is a relay server, can I run a command or is this just a feature that is installed?

    I just want to make sure they are decommissioned in the correct way.


  • Hello Victor,

    I see. Haven't (or not yet) migrated myself though.
    Whether the SUMs are also relays or not doesn't matter in this case. Once all endpoints updating from a SUM have been migrated you simply uninstall the management components and can then migrate this server. You never had many endpoints pointing to these SUMs or how did you go about migrating the other endpoints.

    The Central Migration Tool assesses a computer's readiness and the consoles should show the migration status. And the Advanced Guide addresses the case of remote SUMs. You no longer have to remove the SUMs before migration (this was necessary with older versions of the tool).  . .


  • Hi Christian, 

    I've been using the Central Migration Tool for the most part to migrate endpoints and it has been working well, some of the servers have been problematic but that's down to older Server operating systems so I've had to migrate those manually.

  • Christian is correct. Once you have the endpoints migrated - uninstall the SUM elements on the server then migrate it to Central by running the installer on it. 

    Everything should be fine after that.


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