Sophos Enpoint Update and servers must be restarted

Hi Community,

I have a Enterprise Console Versión 5.2.2 and with the last Endpoint update, version 10.8.9,, in the beginning of september or August, all servers must be restarted.

The problem is that these servers are giving 24hours services and they can't be restarted. 

Is there a method to restart only the Sophos Agente without restart the server?

I dont' want to use the application PurgeDB or modify the database.

Thanks in advanced.


  • Hello Miguel Romero,

    first of all, why would you want to modify the database? To get rid of these Errors (actually only warnings) so that they don't mask, what you might call, more important errors?

    Keep in mind that SAV/ESC in the System and similar to Windows itself not all components can be updated on the fly, notably the sophos_detoured DLL Any process  using such a component must be restarted. In order to use the updated version. As this applies to system  processes as well a restart is advisable. Also note that the message says for the updates to take effect (emphasis mine).
    There's no way to clear this warning message because it alerts you to a persistent state as opposed to a one-time event.

    As for can't be restarted - how do you go about Windows updates? Please note that you can subscribe to fixed SAV versions and postpone the upgrades for some time. 


  • Hi QC,

    Answer your first question, we know that these messages are only warning messages and the Endpoint is update but the new services and applications for new version not work until the server will be restarted,

    As these server has critical services, they only restart the services which need to be restarted to apply the changes and also some server never are updated.

    Thanks for your help.