Getting "Could not update Sophos Anti-virus" for SAV Mac version 9 on High Sierra (10.13)

Hi there,

anyone seeing the same, Sophos (SAV for Mac) delivers the named error message (that it cannot update). I think Sophos starts loading something, but then the action (installation?) fails, it does the same for the second server, then nothing but the error message.

Happens since about 2 days (Aug 2nd or 3rd, 2021).

It's strange, since SAV 9 shall still be supported:

"SAV for Mac:
Version 9

SEC managed: 20 July 2023
Standalone: 20 July 2023"


It's annoying since I get the updates from my ex-university (they run an update server). However, the server credentials I don't know as they are part of the initial installation files that I got (being a student there) from them (and it is fine to continue to use it - the laptop actually was bought by me via the university and we all did get along software to be used also after university). Thus, once lost the connection from this plan (b/c reinstalling from scratch) one needs to buy new software again.

Any idea how to remedy this?

Where are the server credentials / passwords stored? Could I take those files and add them onto a new installation manually to get running again?

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