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It was not possible to obtain or build suitable kernel support


I'm installing sophos in a Linux mint 20 with UEFI Secure Boot I get this error when executing

This software is governed by the terms and conditions of a licence agreement with Sophos Limited.
Installing Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux with arguments: []
Downloading medium installer
Checking we can connect to Sophos Central (at
Finished downloading the medium installer.
Running medium installer (this may take some time)
Updating directly from Sophos.
Extra files updating is disabled. You can change updating settings using /opt/sophos-av/bin/savsetup.

Installing Sophos Anti-Virus....
Selecting appropriate kernel support...
When Sophos Anti-Virus starts, it updates itself to try to find a Sophos kernel interface module update. This might cause a significant delay.
Sophos Anti-Virus starts after installation.

Installation completed.
On-access scanning not available. It was not possible to obtain or build suitable kernel support.
Failed to update Sophos Anti-Virus
Registering with Sophos Central
Saving Sophos Central credentials
Starting Sophos Central Management Client
Now managed by Sophos Central

can somebody help me on this? is it related to the secure boot?

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