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Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.8 stopped updating

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control has stopped updating. First simple question. How do I determine the date and time of the last successful update? I can only see "Updating failed" which is rather open ended.



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  • Hello Brian,

    what would knowing the date and time of the last successful update help? Wouldn't knowing the what and why be more important? 
    Anyway, this information is available in the GUI that opens when you double-click the Sophos taskbar icon. For the when View product information (on the left) and there under Anti-Virus and HIPS expand Software. For the what from the Home screen View updating log (bottom right).


  • Hi Christian, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, on my system looking under View Product Information -> software I just see the date of the last check for updates, not the date of the last successful one. As to the reason for my question, (and yes, you are correct, it would certainly be more useful to know the what and why and am happy to field suggestions on that line,) I was hoping 1) date and time may give a hint as to the cause - what happened about that time? and 2) knowing the time would give me an idea of the risk exposure - if the last successful update was 1 day ago, the risk is not very high, but if it was six months ago, I begin to worry. It was just a "first simple question". More to come along the lines you foreshadowed. :-) . Hope that makes sense.


  • Hello Brian,

    View Product Information -> software
    Under UpdatingSoftware there's indeed Last checked for updates. Under (as I've written) Anti-Virus and HIPS there is Last updated.

    You should view the updating log to determine what fails: It might be downloading in general, download of one or more components, or install/update of one or more components.


  • Thanks. You were correct. I didn't follow the last part of your instruction. I found the last successful update was back in early March with most recent definitions late February, which was concerning. I have been on to Sophos Support by phone and they are trying to assist.

    Thanks again for your help.