Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux version 9 EOL

I have a Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced license valid until 29.03.2022, of which I use only Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux version 9 and Sophos Anti-Virus Dynamic Interface (SAVDI version 2.6).
I understand that both products will enter EOL as follows:
SAV for Linux version 9 Standalone: 20 July 2023
Sophos Anti-Virus Dynamic Interface (SAVDI) 2.x: 31 March 2022;This does not impact OEM.
How can I purchase SAV for Linux version 10? Is it compatible with SAVDI 2.6?
Can I still use SAVDI and what does "This does not impact OEM" mean?

  • Hello Berindeie Avram-Teodor,

    I'm not Sophos so this is just my interpretation.
    This does not impact OEM - Guess you won't be able to download SAVDI after the mentioned date but vendors that use SAV/SAVDI with their products will. I don't think it will stop working but once SAV9 is EOL it won't be of much use.

    Linux version 10 - Is it compatible with SAVDI 2.6? - from what I've heard read there's already a replacement, please see this AV scan using API thread.


  •  Hello QC,

    I was afraid I would get these answers!
    Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux + SAVDI has been a powerful combination for so many years for:
    1. antivirus protection for the mail server -> SSSP protocol (one of the best solutions recommended in Amavis configuration);
    2. antivirus protection for Squid server -> SAVDI ICAP service.
    The solution for Squid that I have presented here has been working properly for over a year.
    Even without SAVDI, Sophos Anti-Virus for Linux version 10 remains an extremely useful product, I hope to be able to purchase it.