Sophos Endpoint Policy not pushing itself


We are using Endpoint 5.5.0 and the issue is some users are disabling the Application control policy and some are disabling the Firewall. I need SEC to push the set policies timely to control end user's machines.

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  • Hello Faisal Raza1,

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    Contrary to Central (now Intercept X) SEC does not enforce policies. Actually it's the Endpoint Agent that ensures policy compliance (and only permits an override for a limited time - currently four hours). OTOH policies can be pushed to the on-premise Agent - immediately if there's a downstream RMS connection or when the endpoint polls the server. Once the Agent has applied a policy it neither enforces compliance nor does it check for policies. Thus a pushed policy is not applied when the corresponding message from the server times out 
    There's also no automation that would push a policy (again) when the endpoint reports non-compliance.

    Have you considered enabling Tamper Protection to prevent users to make such changes?


  • Hello QC,

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