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Install UTM on PC


I am trying to install asg-9.705-3.1.iso on a PC. I used Rufus to create a bootable USB, but the computer does not see it as bootable..

When I use balenaEtcher to create the bootable USB, it warns me the following about the ISO image: 

"It looks like this is not a bootable image. The image does not appear to contain a partition table, and might not be recognized or bootable by your device." And true, it did not work.

I am missing any steps ?  Thank you!

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  • Sorry, indeed, I had re-posted in in the UTM-Firewall- Hardware, Installation... a few minutes after this post, and I deleted this post at the same time. That was 6 hrs ago. Not sure how it lingered this long if it was still visible an hour ago under this category...

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