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Managed Package creation.

Dear All,


Would you please assist to create a managed Package such has I've 4 locations with SUM for each location.

I need to build a package which will contain all configurations along with machine to move to the right OU / Group automatically and fetch secondary location account credentials.

Please advise for the Parameters to use.

Thanks in well Adv.


Faisal Raza

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  • Hello Faisal,

    this looks ok, shouldn't be too hard to test.


  • Thanks QC,

    Always your prompt support helps a lot and appreciated by heart :)

    Thanks again.


    I've 2 more questions whenever you have time to answer please :)


    1. What's the best practice to have Active Directory synchronized setup and how it would be as different OUs, separate for each region / location?

    2. Is there a tool that can be used to clean up the old machines such as not communicated more than 90 days or a list from CSV or TXT file.


    Thanks in well advance.



  • Hello Faisal,

    Active Directory synchronized setup
    you can optionally use Active Directory Synchronization (with or without automatic deployment).
    Please note that AD Sync

    • exactly mirrors the complete container (OU) structure below a synchronized OU
    • enumerates and synchronizes all Computer objects in the OUs (filtering is not possible)
    • might (still) cause issues if Sophos is installed before the computer is joined to the domain
    • if using automatic protection does not retry the install once it has failed

    clean up the old machines
    there's a tool - PurgeDB.exe