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UNIX updating


We have installed Sophos Antivirus (version 9.15.1 VE3.74.2) on UNIX SP AIX1.

Computers are visible and managed via Enterprise console 5.5.1

Issue was that computers were not updating. Update manager is configured and working on LINUX a WINDOWS servers.

We have discovered that these UNIX machines does not update from default network path Server\Sophosupdate\CIDs\S000\EESAVUNIX\AIX_PPC but from this path Server\Sophosupdate\CIDs\S000\AIX_PPC

Unfortunately updates are downloaded to default path.

Is it possible to configure this path somehow?




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  • Hi,

    I have the same problem and resolved in the next step.

    Workaround 1
    1 Click the button at the top of the SEC screen and switch to "Update Manager"
    2 Double-click on the policy subscription (eg "recommended version") currently assigned to the computer
    3 Uncheck unnecessary if OS is not currently being used (eg Sophos for Virtual Environments etc.)
    4 Press "OK" twice to close the screen
    5 Wait until update manager's "download status" is "Downloading binary" changes to "last check date:
    6 Click the button at the top of the screen of the SEC and switch to "end point"
    7 Double-click on the "update" policy assigned to the target computer
    8 Press "OK" twice to reflect policy

    Because it is google translation, sorry if it's weird.


  • Thanks this helped.

    Many thanks for you assistance.





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