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Downloading scanner, for Ubuntu 20.04

Question 1:
For Ubuntu 20.04.3, what is the Link?
Link for new Sophos scanner download site for Ubuntu.

After visiting Sophos web page ...
No progress made trying to install to Ubuntu ...
1.1 MB (1,091,174 bytes)

the old Sophos scanner stopped working:
369.4 MB (369,423,602 bytes)

Above old Sophos scanner stopped working because of error:

Failed to download 'sdds:SOPHOS': invalid authentication.
Please check PrimaryUpdateUsername and PrimaryUpdatePassword.
Failed to replicate from all update sources

Question 2:
Is the new Sophos scanner only GUI (Graphical User Interface)?
Does the new Sophos scanner also have CLI (Command Line Interface)?

CLI example :
sudo savscan / -all -archive


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