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How to get a full Log from savscan?

What is working fine...
savscan to Terminal screen works on this usb stick:

sudo savscan /media/user/usb_4GB_F32 -ns

Command line qualifiers are: -ns
-ns not silent ( list files scanned)
-s [*] : Run silently (do not list files scanned)

Terminal screen includes files like:


sudo savscan /media/user/usb_4GB_F32 -ns | tee /home/user/Sophos_scan.txt

Terminal screen works by displaying files in Part2. above.
But Log
is missing files in Part2. above
How come?

tee command is not working as expected
How come?

using Linux Ubuntu 20.04.3

savscan --version
SAVScan virus detection utility
Copyright (c) 1989-2021 Sophos Limited. All rights reserved.
Product version : 5.85.0
Engine version : 3.83.1
Virus data version : 5.88
User interface version : 2.03.083
Platform : Linux/AMD64
Released : 26 October 2021
Total viruses (with IDEs) : 67461865

How to get a full Log from savscan?

Said differently,
How to get 'savscan' to output a full Log to a
- Text file /home/user/Sophos_scan.txt and simultaneously to a
- Terminal screen?


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