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[Sophos anti-virus for Linux] Can I add excluded files or directories recursively by "**"?


I'd like to improve my pc's performance by avoid scanned some directories recursively by Sophos anti-virus.

The manual ( doesn't say explicitly that it's possible to add ExcludeFileOnGlob recursively.

Can I exclude directories recursively?

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  • I "think" adding a wildcard for a directory would exclude it recursively. You may want to test to verify.

    If you use ExcludeFileOnGlob to exclude a directory, you must add the * wildcard to the end of the path. For example: /opt/sophos-av/bin/savconfig add ExcludeFileOnGlob '/tmp/report/*'.

  •  Thank you for your response!

    I tried end of the path "*", but I can't tell this works.

    I'd like to build some software, so I add the root directory like "/work/poky/*",

    builder read and generate files in the directory.

    Top command shows savscand's CPU usage is high (over 100%) during building software.

    So I guessed ExcludeFileOnGlob doesn't works recursively, is this right?

  • Hmm. I have not tried this, but how about you use lsof to monitor that directory while a scan is taking place to see if any files are accessed? The command might look something like this:

    lsof +D -r 1 '/work/poky/'

    lsof = list open files

    +D = recursive

    -r = repeat ever 1 second

  • Thank you for advising me!

    But lsof command doesn't show savscand open the /work/poky/*...

    So I couldn’t know what files savscand  opened.

    Is there another way to confirm if recursive exclusion is enabled?

    BTW, I didn't know the command, but it's very useful!

    I'd like to use this on another chance;)

  • I confirmed it!

    I used eicar to confirm if recursive exclusion was enabled.

    result: ENABLED!

    add ExcludeFileOnGlob '/work/poky/*'

    then put eicar at /work/poky/build,

    It was not detected(of course, at the directory out of the /work/poky , eicar was detected).

    Thank you for spending time for me!

    I close this as resolved.

  • Awesome! Good idea using EICAR!