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End point anti-virus email alerts - SMTP Authentication


Based on this wiki article, the Sophos end-point for Linux is able to send mail via authenticated SMTP server.

How can define the credential in the configuration?

I did not see details in the official documentation (PDF)


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  • Hello Gabor,

    AFAIK endpoint emailing is via plain unauthenticated SMTP. I don't see any mention of Linux in the thread you referred, it's about the management console.

    Are you talking about an unmanaged possibly Free version 9 installation? why do you need these email-alerts, is this an unattended server with on-access scanning enabled? 


  • Hello Christian,

    Exactly, Free version 9 is the affected version which has been used for scan opened files of a background process.
    We would like get notification about the virus alerts.


  • Hello Gabor,

    I see. As said, endpoint email messaging has (AFAIK) no option for authenticated SMTPs. Won't say usually but I'm used to either a local outbound only MTA/proxy or some site-internal unauthenticated SMTP that applications can use.