Endpoint Security and Control v10.8.9 for Windows

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excuse me for posting this in Recommended Reads, the forums provide only questions and this isn't one.

Dunno whether you read the prominent Release Notes & News or even the actual Release Notes. Well, occasionally I do.
• As expected there aren't great New features, of the three DLP support with secure boot (Window 10, Server 2016 and above) is perhaps the most significant.
• Support for the Vivaldi browser, including [...] data leakage prevention - hm, might be great, but Vivaldi is not (yet) listed as Internet browser destination in SEC's Data Contol rule editor.
• Sophos Patch Agent now supports Windows 2019 Server. Huh? Patch has already been End-Of-Sales more than two years ago and will be retired in less than one. Who in their right mind would want to install Patch on a Server 2019? Given that Patch allegedly and apparently Even though [it] will install on Windows 10, it is not currently supported on it and will not report missing patch information (this is from WINEP-1818 under Known issues and limitations in the Release Notes). Server 2016 does assess and report and I assume 2019 will do the same. Haven't tested whether Patch will now work on Windows 10. The first part of WINEP-1818 is, BTW, not quite correct, the wizard's Available on says: Windows 10, Windows 10 server, Windows 10 (64bit), ...

I've mellowed with age, so I call this, err, droll. And exceedingly droll is the Additional Information section. One would have thought that together with the redesign the content would receive some critical review, nah ...

System requirements

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control is supported on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8/2012/Windows 10. For a full list of system requirements, see System Requirements for Antivirus protection for Windows.

One could argue that Extended support for XP and 2003 has further been extended but, hey, Previous versions start with and that support for XP is still available is no excuse that newer server versions aren't mentioned.