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DLP - SD card

 I have a problem with a Sophos policy. When activating the Data Loss Prevention, I recognized the SD card as a removable drive, but the situation arises that in my computer on the SD card the user profile is saved, so I can not work. Do you know how I can exclude the unit from the policy (or some other way) so it does not block me?

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  • Hello Adrian Valencia,

    a DLP policy is centrally managed - is it in your case SEC or Sophos Central? - and it's there where an exclusion must be set up. Though this would in effect thwart DLP.
    Who is activating the Data Loss Prevention and what is the intended purpose?


  • Hi Christian,

    we have sophos central.


    we activate DLP and we want to exclude the SD cards from the extractable units so that they can work.

  • Hello Adrian Valencia,

    my statement concerning exclusions was nonsense, sorry, I mixed up DLP and Device Control.

    My question was, what data you want to prevent from being transferred? Data doesn't care whether it's leaked on an SD card, Flash memory, or some other medium. From DLP's POV all Removable Storage is just that - storage that potentially is taken elsewhere and when lost or stolen can leak sensitive data. The particular make or the port used to connect the storage device to a computer doesn't matter.
    It's not the device or medium that is being blocked but the data transfer according to the rules. In order for DLP to be able to assess the data before transfer it has to block all write access to the device by applications other than Windows Explorer though. You can't exclude devices from this requirement.


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