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NETAPP and Sophos. (feel free to move the post to the right Talk)

I'm planning a big installation with two NetApp 6290 (4 controllers) and about 35.000 users.

Vfilers will be used for Citrix Profiles and File System use

Policies should be on write only for profiles (avoiding bootstorm) and some excludes (compressed files for example).

I'm planning to use the latest version 3.0 that can load balance between different controllers.

I will have 3 AV servers (64 Gb ram 2x8cores processors) physical servers connected with 10gbps links to EACH Netapp Controller.

So in total i will have 12 AV Servers.

I already asked Sophos and Netapp to get some case history or similar implementations. I did not get much from them.

is there anybody out there (Pink Floyd rule) that have a similar environment or can give me suggest on this?

That will be much appreciate.


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  • Any references on similar (also bigger or smaller) projects?

  • We implemented Sophos Anti-Virus for Netapp based solution few years ago. Our environment wasn't even close as big as yours (cca 900 users, only file share). We installed Sophos SW into 3 virtual servers with the following specs (each): 2 GB ram, 6 vCPU. They handled scanning perfectly, there wasn't any performance impact detected.

    But we had one problem which was partially solved. Sometimes "Sophos Service for Netapp" just crashed. I think that happened when Sophos started the update process. There was a suggestion it could be a congestion on a physical NIC of virtual host server (which I don't believe). Anyway, we changed recovery action for this service to recover in case of failure. 

    There is a few pages long document published somewhere. There is some useful info on the settings to be used on scanning servers. One useful from me maybe: one core is one scanning file at the time. If server has 8 core CPU, it can scan 8 files simulteanously.

    I hope it helps.