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5 second pause after each .js file


Zotero is a Firefox extension.  Part of the Zotero install is to create 400+ *.js files in the "translators" subdirectory.

The translators subdirectory resides on a Netapp filer.

Each time a *.js file is created, there is a 5 second pause before the next file is created.

If I modify Sophos "On-access" scanning to exclude *.js files, the 5 second delay goes away.

I have run "Process Monitor" (part of sysinternals) while the install is running and I captured segments where the 5 second delay appear.  The IRP_MJ_CLEANUP causes the 5 second delay.

How can I determine the cause of this problem?



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  • Hello earl-hooper,

    exclude *.js [makes the delay at] IRP_MJ_CLEANUP [go away]

    suggests that a driver is involved and the issue occurs only when a file is scanned. Are you scanning on the endpoint or the NetApp filer? If you are scanning on the endpoint, does turning off on write and on rename make a difference?

    Anyway I'd suggest you open a case with Support.


  • >> Are you scanning on the endpoint or the NetApp filer?

    I do not understand this question.

    The file is newly created or, perhaps, created and then renamed.  The file is created and renamed on the Netapp filer.

    What does "endpoint" mean?

    I have opened a case with Sophos support.  They had me collect data, which I submited to Sophos.  So far, no response.


  • Hello earl-hooper,

    you run Firefox on a "computer" not the NetApp filer. You can do AV-scanning on the computer (called "endpoint" when talking about managed Sophos Anti-Virus), the filer (actually it offloads this task) or both. Makes quite a difference.

    Christian (and BTW I'm not Sophos)