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Unable to Release Email from Quarantined Area

Hello All,

I have facing issue with Cyberoam OS. My email server located under our DMZ Zone.

When any user send email on gmail/yahoo receipent than lots of email sending successfully but few of email somehow any malware detection or whatever they are getting quarantine. When I was administratively release it than they show error " failed to connect remote server". 

Cyberoam technical Support worked on it and they given me reason is that when you administratively release email from quarantine then first Active Gateway IP address fatched with email and due to our Gateway IP address is black listed so you are unable to release it.

Question is that " It is technology behavior that first Active Gateway IP address fatched with email when I release form quarantined" ?? (Please suggest any one)


Okay, After that when I changed IP of Gateway which is not black listed then cyberoam technical team said another reason. See Below:

What cyberoam team do check first :

1) telnet 465

  --Unable to connect with remote server Technical team said your ISP block the port 465.

When I bypass the firewall and check myself (with suggestion of ISP)

 2) telnet 465

  Connected successfully with gmail server on Port 465.


If ISP block the port than unable to connect on both case.


Can some body have any idea regarding this ??

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