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HOW TO: Write a Defect Report


Now the real work of an EAP begins!

One of the major ways you can contribute to the EAP is creating clear and detailed Defect Reports so our development team can fix the issues you encounter before release. 

To do this, please reference the form below to create a new thread on the Discussions forum.


  • What feature is impacted?
    • {File Scanning, CryptoGuard, Web Protection, Web Control, Device Control, MTD Detection, Heartbeat, EDR - Live Discover, EDR - Live Response, MTR, Update Cache, Message Relays}
  • What is the severity of the issue?
    • {High, medium, low, minimal}
  • Summary of the issues:
    • Please describe the impact and the functional problem you are having. Such as: When browsing to I get a blank page when I enter a search term.
  • Observed behavior (What it did or didn’t do):
    • Provide specific details of what you are seeing. Screenshots help.
  • How do we reproduce it (Provide instructions to help us reproduce the behavior):
  • Frequency (How often this occurs):
    • Please describe if this issue happens every time, some of the time, or at specific times/patterns
  • Desired behavior (How is it expected to or should behave):
  • Environment (what hardware/software are you using):
    • We are specifically interested in other products that would be doing similar functions to Sophos protections - such as other web filters, proxies, or file scanners.
  • Other (Any other detail that we need to know about):
  • Supporting logs, tool output, etc.


An Example:

  • Feature: web browsing. 
  • Severity: high.
  • Summary: Opening new tabs in Chrome is very slow. Browsing is fine once the tab has loaded. The issue doesn’t occur in Safari.
  • Observed behavior: <attached screencap/video clip of tabs opening slowly>
  • Reproduce it: Clear Cache, Open Chrome Browser, open new tab.
  • Frequency: Every time.
  • Desired behavior: New tabs in Chrome open as quickly as they do in Safari
  • Environment: iMac connected by wire to a LAN behind a Linksys router connected to my home ISP
  • Other: Nothing more
  • Supporting logs, tool output etc: there is an SDU archive and the output from systemextensionsctl is attached

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