Sophos Central: How to exempt a website when it is blocked under specific category

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In many scenarios, the non-malicious websites are getting blocked under a specific category. You can configure the website categories in Sophos Central listed here and control the internet content that users can access through a web browser.

The easier way to exempt a website is to use tags. For example, if you wanted to allow the site that was previously blocked, then the steps below should be performed to create the appropriate website tag.  

  1. On Sophos Central Dashboard, Navigate to Global Settings then select Website Management.

  2. Click on the Add tab located on the upper right hand of the screen.
  3. Enter the address: and select the appropriate category under category override.
  4. Create a new tag called Allow for example under Add tags. You can add the comments for reference.

  5. Click Save.
  6. The Website Management page should reflect the new entry.
  7. In the Web Control policy linked to the users to allow the site, go to Settings, under the section Control sites tagged in Website Management, add and choose the action for the created website tag (i.e Allow/Block/Warn).

  8. After saving the updated policy, usually within 30 seconds or when the machine receives the policy in the next communication cycle, it will be reflected and the user can access the website. 


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  • May I ask if the website/subdomain looks like the following? 

    Blocking but allowing will work.

    If the subdomain you're trying to exclude is "" this will not work.

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  • That is precisely what is required. Consider a lot of sites are consolidating onto Amazon or Google Infrastructure - the same infrastructure is used by the distributors of malware and phishing attacks to host their sites. So to protect the Org I need to be able to block the entire subdomain and then only allow particular elements of the site.   For example is used for malicious purposes as it is for legitimate sites. Google uses the subdirectory portion for routing to the appropriate customer. They use the same thing across a number of services like Forms, docs etc. The same happens with Amazon URLs. So as a customer this is a "nice to have" its a necessary element.