Microsoft Dynamics Outlook Plugin and CSV export being blocked

In the past week we have run across couple of issues..... things were working just fine but then they were not.

Two issues so far:

- Dynamics/F&O users have the ability to export to CSV.

- Dynamics/F&O users were able to use the Dynamics Outlook plugin.

These functions stopped working and there are no event triggered in Sophos indicating this is an issue.  The only way we found Sophos was causing this was to disable Sophos and both issues went away.

We end up creating web exceptions for these issues, but this is a constant issue when MS keeps changing the IP/Domain names.

Anybody else experiencing these issues and if so, how are you fixing these issues once and for all?

  • Thank you for reaching out to our community forum.

    May we know the version of the Sophos endpoint that is currently installed on the device where the issue is being observed?

    Also, You've mentioned that you disabled the Sophos endpoint on the device. May we know if you can identify what component caused the issue? If not? Can you help us run the basic troubleshooting to identify what component triggers this? You may refer to this link for the procedure on how to run the steps. 

    Glenn ArchieSeñas (GlennSen)
    Global Community Support Engineer

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