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[CXIA]How to handle Sophos ID and CXIA License Key binding error?

Our group has multiple companies, including company A and company B. Three years ago, the Sophos local reseller mistakenly entered the Sophos ID of company B with the License Key purchased for company A. 

This resulted in the LICENSE SCHEDULE for company A in the renewal of the CXIA license for company A for the new three-year period (2024.1.28~2027.1.27) not listing the License Key. Therefore, the step of entering the License Key with the correct Sophos ID of company A this year cannot be continued.

I would like to ask Sophos customer service how company A can obtain a new valid License Key to enter into the Sophos ID that truly belongs to company A (the Sophos ID of company A has already been registered with Sophos Central).

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