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Installation failed : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms

Hello there,

I´m trying to install the Sophos Client on an Server 2016 and I´m getting this Error (short):

Installation failed : IsWow64Process2 not available on older platforms

On an older thread I found this solution:

mkdir C:\digicerttemp

cd C:\digicerttemp

certutil.exe -urlcache -f C:\digicerttemp\DigiCertTrustedRootG4.crt

certutil.exe -addstore root C:\digicerttemp\DigiCertTrustedRootG4.crt

cd \

rmdir digicerttemp /S /Q

But when I try this, the Microsoft Defender blocks it with an detection of Trojan:Win32/Ceprolad.A
I think it´s a false positive, but when searched for this, I only find one (!) guy who had a similar problem. But I can´t be the only one out there who run into this behaviour? Anyone else?!

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  • Certutil being used to download files is a little abnormal and hence the detection. In this context it is a false positive but a hands on hacker might use such a tool to hide their actions in a living-off-the-land way. You can just download the file with a browser. 

    That said, you may not even need the Digicert G4 cert you can check your trusted root store.  We really need to see the install log to advise the next step to see what is failing. 

  • Note, too, that you'll want to disable Defender (or put it into passive mode) if you're going to install Intercept X on it.

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