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Changing the name of the Endpoint

I am managing a large group of Endpoints and at times, I am having to rename them.  Currently, I am having to rename approximately 44 Endpoints.  I have noticed that some names are not updating the the Sophos Dashboard.  They are maintaining the old naming conventions that they had.  

BTW, these are Mac Computers

I did find this in your discussion group

"Once you have performed the renaming of the hostname make sure to perform a manual update as well on the Sophos endpoint to push the changes and update the new naming on the central dashboard. "

The thing is, we cannot remote into each computer to do a "manual update" on each Endpoint.  Time is money and to try to coordinate with Users to get in there to do this is time consuming.

Does Sophos on the Endpont communicate with Sophos Dashboard and update any changes?  

Wouldn't there be a way to remotely force in Sophos Dashboard to update this information? 


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  • Thank you for reaching the community forum,

    Manual renaming on a Mac device does not immediately change the hostname on Dashboard.

    You need to perform manual re-registration to the device in order for the changes to take effect and reflect on the Central dashboard.

    To force a re-registration without uninstalling and re-installing, you can delete the read-only Sophos keychain and re-register the Mac by following these steps:

    1. Click the keys Cmd + Q or File > Quit stopping Keychain Access.
    2. Open Spotlight by clicking the keys Cmd + Spacebar.
    3. Type terminal then click Enter.
    4. In Terminal, run the command below:

      sudo security delete-keychain "/Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/SophosSecure.keychain"; sudo security delete-keychain "/Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/Sophos.keychain"

      Note: There will be a password prompt. Enter the same password when installing an application or unlocking a system panel. The password will not appear on the screen but is being accepted. If there is an error entering the password, press Enter to try again.
    5. Type keychain in Spotlight then click Enter key.
    6. Make sure that the Sophos chain is gone in Keychain Access.
    7. Open Terminal from Spotlight (press Cmd + Spacebar, type terminal, and press Enter).
    8. Run the following commands:
      1. sudo killall SophosConfigD 
      2. sudo launchctl stop com.sophos.mcs 
    9. Restart the macOS device.
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  • May I ask where you are changing the hostname? 

    Is this being done from the following page? 
    - System Settings > General > Name

    Or are you instead going directly to the "Sharing" section within the settings to update strictly the "Local Hostname"? 

    Update: When testing this I found that the hostname specified under "System Settings > General > Name" will be reported back in to Sophos Central automatically. I found that after a reboot was performed on the endpoint, the new name was reported in successfully. 

    Let me know if the behavior you see is different. 

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