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Sophos Endpoint: Accessing LAN or WLAN takes up to several minutes

Hey guys

For the past two years, we have been using Sophos Intercept X with an XG210 firewall in our company.
Since then, we've been experiencing difficulties establishing network connections with our LAN or WLAN.

The main issue is that the endpoints' heartbeat takes long time to be recognized by the firewall.
As a result, while physically connected to the LAN, it sometimes takes up to a minute for internet access to be granted. In the case of WLAN, it may require reconnecting twice before Windows can maintain the connection and provide internet access.

Often, I even become aware of a missing heartbeat through the firewall's notification email, indicating that someone has just booted up their laptop.

This whole situation is quite frustrating, and I wanted to inquire whether this behavior is considered "normal" or if there shouldn't be any noticeable delay in terms of the time it takes to log in to the WLAN, especially considering the heartbeat.

Thanks for your reply.

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