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Sophos setup (Silent) in a PowerShell (Windows 10) hangs


we want to install the Sophossetup.exe with the unattended Installation of windows 10.

The installation went well. But the PowerShell windows is still open hangs.

The Sophossetup.exe is not seen in the taskmanager.

The Logs seems to be ok: Install result: Succeeded

The command:

Start-Process -Filepath ($ScriptDir + "\" + $PEXE) -Argumentlist "--products=antivirus,intercept --quiet" -Wait

When I close the PowerShell windows the unattended Installation goes ahead.

Has someone an Idea?

Best Regards

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  • Hello, I am also running into this situation.  I want to add /wait to my script because in the past when I installed Sophos, it was very dependent on restarting.  In MDT, the installer would restart unprompted with silent commands.  The current installer doesn't prompt for a restart so I am wanting to "wait" until the process is done and restart. I am not currently using MDT for imaging, but I am deploying through remote software. 

    Does the current installer need to be restarted?

  • A restart is encouraged but not required.  Reason being, the solution injects modules such as SophosED.DLL and Hmplaert.DLL into processes as they launch in order for some of the protection layers to fully function.  Mainly exploit mitigation.

    For the processes already running, the modules therefore aren't loaded so this is the main reason.

    Realtime-scanning, behavioural, Cryptoguard are all fine.